Tailored take-back solutions for manufacturers and retailers

Ready to think full circle?

At recyclehero, we enable you to offer your customers the most convenient service to extend the lifespan of their used textiles. With our solution, we bring your customers’ used textiles back into the cycle and find sustainable reuse options for them with a local-first approach.

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Elevate your brand awareness in sustainability!


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Increase touchpoints with premium customers and strengthen customer loyalty!

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Help your customers clear out their closets – so there's more room for new items!


Garments' end-of-life handling matters

Due to our linear "take-make-waste" system, we have forgotten how to treasure resources. In Germany, every person sorts out 12 kilograms of textiles annually of which 5,5 kilograms are exported to the global south where they significantly harm the people, the environment and the countries' local economy.

In addition to the lack of ecological sustainability, our current linear system also harbors untapped potential in terms of customer loyalty and economic sustainability!

The sustainable solution for your brand

Our take-back system is a digital solution that enables brands and manufactures to recover their customers' used items and get them back into the cycle. That way, our solution extends the lifespan of used consumer textiles by finding local and social reuse options for them.

touchpoints and valuable insights from premium customers
brand awareness for customers interested in sustainability
higher customer loyalty through offering second hand solutions
seamless integration into our already existing circular network




of young consumers refuse shopping with fashion brands that are unsustainable



of retailers offering reuse solutions claim that they fulfill their investors' ESG requirements



of retailers say that offering second hand solutions becomes increasingly important for their customers


Our tailored take-back solution for your brand

The data shows that consumers' awareness has significantly changed. Criteria relating to the sustainability of brands have become increasingly important in purchasing decisions. Besides addressing the root problem of overproduction, brands can tie up the loose ends of their material cycles by recovering resources!

Online solution

We offer an online take-back system to give back used textiles and shoes online. This system runs in cooperation with fashion brands and retailers and can be operated as a white-label solution in the look and feel of our partners' corporate identity and design.


Offline collection points

In addition to our online take-back system, we also offer offline take-back solutions for used textiles in local shops. If required, we can handle all necessary administrative services!

Tailored solutions

We customize our take-back system according to your brand's needs. You're not in the textile industry? You would like to incentivize your customers' textile donations with a discount code or by supporting reforestation projects? We've got you covered!


With recyclehero, you enable your customers to take part in the circular economy within the ecosystem of your brand. Join our circle!


What sets us apart?

Instead of shifting the responsibility for our textile waste to the global south, we collect your customers' used textiles and return them to local cycles using climate-neutral logistics.

By partnering with local secondhand stores and social organizations within Germany, we create transparent, climate-friendly supply chains in which we keep used clothing in circulation for as long as possible.

Transparency is not just "nice to have", but an essential part of our work. We look forward to working with brands that think alike!


We ease and accelerate the world's transition to a circular future by offering smart & sustainable solutions to recover the value of resources & goods.

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